SKY 100

The SKY 100 takes a further step forward by definitively abandoning the version equipped with WALBRO32 carburettor and replacing the latter with the WG8 model. Thanks to this new carburettor we can have enormous advantages both technically and functionally. After many hours of testing and multiple tests carried out by our specialized technicians we have found that the new walbro WG8 is:

It is also the cooling circuit that allows us to use this type of carburetors. In fact, thanks to liquid cooling, the temperature of the engine block will always be stable and under control, in such a way as to have an engine that always works at the same speed; without forgetting the performance and operating stability even in the hottest countries.

The key feature of the SKY100 is that, never being exposed to the danger of overheating it becomes an eternal engine,of much longer duration than the average of other engines of the same category.

not only the cooling mode but also the technique used in the realization, the refined finishes, performance (18 cv a 10.200 turns), the low weight thanks to the use of light alloys with excellent resistance and to the particular manufacturing process with CNC numerical control machines, place the SKY 100 at the top of its category.



Warnings for the correct use of the Sky 100


Sky engine user manual 100


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SKYengines, well-known Company in the panorama of flight, deals with the design and construction of two-stroke engines for paramotors.

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